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Family assets can be saved from taxes and the cost of nursing home care.  Often, this can occur even after placement in a facility, but better results often occur when plans are made early.  It is wise, however, to create a plan as early as possible.  We do this every day at the office and you are invited to share in our knowledge and experience.   


Family assets can grow and accumulate to a greater level than ever anticipated.  Last Will and Testatments, Trusts, Powers of Attorney for Finance and Healthcare can be created and updated to ensure that the estate is distributed efficiently and wished, without unnecessary tax or delay.  Other strategies such as the use of Gifting, the use of Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) and other permissible forms of protecting assets are also often employed.


Wills can be probated and assets distributed without unnecessary delay.  Attention must be paid to taxes, creditors, sale of assets and payment of commissions.  Sometimes, disagreements regarding an estate must be resolved in court.  The law imposes many specific requirements on fiduciaries of estates, such as executors, and also upon the beneficiaries and it is better when administering an estate to get it right the first time than it is to be required to fix it later.  We can help. 


Children, parents and others with disabilities require special planning strategies to assure they can live comfortably and with dignity.  Special Needs Trusts allow for added income while permitting continued government benefits.  Powers of Attorney, Conservatorships, and Guardianships often allow for the control and management of others and their affairs when they can not do so for themselves.


buying and selling homes and businesses presents an array of legal considerations, commencing with negotiations, through contracting and closing of title.  We work closely with our clients to assure they are being treated fairly, getting the deal for which they bargained and improving it where possible.  Be it a sale or purchase, we can assist and guide, from start to finish 


All initial conferences are without cost to our clients and prospective client.  Appointments can be made for home and facility visits.  When we receive a call, we take it or call back.

Mission Statement

To provide a continuum of Legal Care, working within the law to enhance the lives of our clients

At Peluso & Weintraub, P.C., we work hard to provide a continuum of legal care to our clients, particularly in the area of planning for and protecting family members and estate assets.  Our specialty areas of practice include Elderlaw, Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration, Medicaid, Nursing Home Planning and Guardianship.  We are experienced litigators and regularly protect the interests of our clients in court regarding Contested Estates and Guardianships.  All associated matters including the creation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Real Estate transactions are daily activities at the office, which is designed and served by knowledgable and hightly trained staff.

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